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Located in Qianxi County, Hebei province, the Xifengkou Gateway was an important stronghold west of Shanhaiguan pass. It is a rough section of the wall comparable to Simatai and featuring a connected three-gateway passway. It’s not the only place where the Great Wall can be visited – the Wall makes up the entire Northern Border of Tangshan – and at places it’s possible to spend the entire day exploring the Great Wall without seeing any foreigners, let alone any other tourists at all.

The present name, which means "Peak of happiness," has developed from an earlier one which means "Site for a Happy Reunion". Legend has it that a young man yearned to see his father, who had gone to build the Great Wall. He traveled a long distance and finally found his father working at this site. Overjoyed after a separation of years, both father and son died on the spot.

Owing to its position at the joint place of Nuan River valley and the Great Wall, Xifengkou Gateway, surrounded by mountains on both sides was since ancient times the key spot for all strategists. It has a unique structure which includes three gateways connected by walls. Southeast of Xifengkou Gateway, a 20-meter stone-built Xifeng City was installed with a gate respectively on west and south directions.