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Zijingguan Pass


Zijingguan is on the banks of the Jumahe River, about forty kilometres west of Yicheng county in the western part of Hebei province. From the pass, the Great Wall extends northeast to another famous pass--Juyongguan, northwest of Beijing on the ridges of the Taihang Mountains--andruns southwest into Shanxi province.

Zijingguan Pass is one of the oldest passes of the Great Wall. Named "Wuruanguan Pass" in the Earlier Qin Period, it was one of the Nine Forts Under Heaven. In the Song dynasty it was called Jinbeiguan Pass, and renamed as Zijingguan Pass after the Yuan dynasty because redbuds (called Zijing in Chinese) abounded nearby. It was cosmically reconstructed in the Ming dynasty and most extant architectures are the products of that period.

Zijingguan Pass has a long history and is an important historical remain for the research of pass architecture of the Great Wall and ancient military science.