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Niangziguan Pass


Niangziguan, one of the major passages from Shanxi province to Hebei province across the Taihang Mountains, is 55 kilometres west of Shijiazhuang, provincial capital of Hebei, at the point where the Shijiazhuang--Taiyuan (capital of Shanxi). Railway crosses the border between the two provinces.

Surrounded by a maze of hills and valleys, Niangziguan Pass was famed as "the Ninth Pass on the Great wall". The extant pass was built in 1542 during the Ming dyansty.  The pass is flanked byhills more than l,000 metres high. A river,the Taohe, twists its way through the valleysbelow. In ancient times this provided anarrow passage for men and horses.

Legend goes that during the Tang dyansty, women soldiers which under the commandership of Princess Pingyang, daughter of the first emperor of the Tang Dynasty, once garrisoned here. Hence the name.