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The Great Wall Offers a Great Charity Challenge (November 15, 2005)

IT WILL take Angela Langton 11 days to walk the length of the Great Wall of China, and she will be thinking of Bridlington every step of the way.

Angela, 34, of West Street, is taking on the challenge to raise money for cancer relief and her greatest wish is to support the Macmillan Wolds Unit at Bridlington hospital.

"The town needs the Wolds Unit, there have been so many rumours about its future, but this is something Bridlington must not lose. I would walk round the world to raise millions if I could do it," said Angela who will make her trip to China next September as part of a Macmillan Cancer Relief challenge.

She has good reason to be grateful for the work of the Macmillan ward.

Her mother Nicoletta Langton, 75, battled for eight years against cancer. She died on September 18.

"Everyone should know how fantastic staff are on the ward. Not only did they do a great job looking after my mother but also looking after us. We practically lived there for almost a week, nothing was too much trouble for them," said Angela.

She can also draw on her own experience of what it means to be stricken by the disease. When she was 29 she developed a cancerous tumour in her throat which fortunately was successfully removed, but the experience changed her life, making her determined to make the most of every opportunity.

But her fund raising is also in memory of her mum. Mrs Langton was an extremely popular and well known figure in the town. With her husband Roy, 69, also of West Street, they ran the textile and bedding stall on Bridlington market for 30 years.

The couple also used to have two shops in the town.

"My mum was so popular, people are still coming to our stall to pay their respects," said Angela, a young entrepreneur business advisor working with Business Link in Scarborough. On Saturdays she still helps her father run the market stall.

In 1999 she took part in a Himalayas walk for charity and managed to raise around £6,000. This time she hopes to more than equal that.

With the help of a website she has already raised more than £900 towards the £2,700 she needs to take part in the Great Wall of China Macmillan challenge.
"Once I have achieved that everything else will go directly to the Macmillan ward at Bridlington hospital," she said.

Her elder sister Anna of Cambridge Street, Bridlington, is also helping raise funds, contacting as many friends and personalities she can think of for help.
The celebrity list already includes Elton John, Simon Cowell, Richard Branson and more who have been asked to give their support.

Kerry Brown, modern matron of the 15-bed unit, said; "I think what Angela is doing is fantastic.

It is no mean feat and I think she is very courageous to do it and wonderful she wants to help us in this way." She added that staff at the unit had very fond memories of her late mother Nicoletta.